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Abstract: On the basis of analyzing the scan error of a pentaprism, the principle of scan error compensation is put forward, and the quantized formulas and applying method of compensating the scan error are presented.

Abstract: On the base of extensive field investigation of man-made debris flow in Shenfu-Dongsheng minesite, and according to its characteristics and processes, the system controlling model were respectively summarized up with theory of many levels contro 文摘:在神府―东胜矿区人为泥石流沟道广泛野外调查的基础上,根据人为泥石流的特点及其发生发展过程的动态机理,应用多层次系统控制原理,分别提出了现有人为泥石流及潜在人为泥石流系统防治模式,总结出神府―东胜矿区人为泥石流系统防治的特殊性。
Abstract: On the base of the analysis of kinematics and dynamics f or i ntroduced some types of cone crushers,this paper constructs the dynamics models with the fin ite element method on the main components of the cone crushers,such as main shaf t, moving 文摘:在对引进的某型圆锥破碎机的运动学及动力学分析的基础上,建立了该破碎机主要部件主轴、动锥及偏心轴套的有限元分析模型.根据载荷特点,简化并计算了外载荷.应用ANSYS软件,选用精度较高的三维块单元,对其进行了有限元分析,得出了具有参考价值的计算结果.
Abstract: On the basic assumption of WENCAL,using pre-param eter method,the equation calculating multi-element beam of different section and ela sticity modulus on different groundsill are given in this paper.The programming language is QBASIC.The results 文摘:依据文克尔基本假定,利用初参数法推导出不同地基及不同地基梁截面弹性模量的多单元弹性地基梁计算公式,并用已编制的QBASIC语言计算程序,通过实例计算,结果正确、合理.
Abstract: On the basic of discussing the toxic principle,production mechanism and production means of toxic material-dioxine during waste incineration,an appropriate countermeasure is put forward according to engineering practices. 文摘:重点探讨和论述了废弃物焚烧过程中极毒物质二恶英类的毒理,生成机构及生成途径,并从工程应用中提出了相应的对策。
Abstract: On the basis of a study of sequence stratigraphy, with the systems tract and related boundaries as the mapping unit and using the systems tract condensation method and instantaneous map production method, the authors have compiled the Permian se 文摘:在层序地层研究成果基础上,以沉积体系域和相关界面为编图单元,采用体系域压缩法和瞬时编图法,编制了西南地区二叠纪层序古地理图,全面系统地阐述了该区二叠纪层序古地理演化特征。
Abstract: On the basis of analyzing the scan error of a pentaprism, the principle of scan error compensation is put forward, and the quantized formulas and applying method of compensating the scan error are presented. 文摘:在分析五棱镜扫描误差的基础上提出了误差补偿原理,并给出了量化补偿公式及误差补偿原理的实现方法。
Abstract: On the basis of describing the factors affecting the normal work in oil well,for the sake of assuring the production safety. a stable and reliable monitoring system is provided.The sensors used and the measuring circuit to match with the system 文摘:在论述影响抽油井正常工作诸因素的基础上,为保证安全生产作业,提出了一种性能稳定、可靠的监控系统,并对该系统中采用的传感器件及测量电路等进行了讨论。
Abstract: On the basis of disclosing the problems which exist in current agricultural structure in flood area of Hubei Province, this paper puts forward the objective,principle and pattern of agricultural structure adjustment in the region. 文摘:在揭示湖北洪灾区目前农业结构存在的问题的基础上,提出了该区农业结构调整的目标、原则和模式。
Abstract: On the basis of equal probability principle, Boltzmann statistics and ensemble statistics, this paper has derived the statistical distribution function on multimember system in the quasi-independent particles and obtained the equivalence between 文摘:利用平衡态统计物理的等概率原理,玻耳兹曼统计法和系综统计法,导出在平衡状态下多种近独立粒子系统的粒子数分布.结果表明,对于宏观系统而言,玻耳兹曼统计和系综统计是等价的.
Abstract: On the basis of fuzzy control theories and expert experience,thereliability analysis of the prototype structural behavior of Qingtongxia Dam is conducted by using fuzzy comprehensive appraisal methods.Qingtongxia Dam is a structurally complicate 文摘:以青铜峡大坝为例,依据模糊控制理论和专家经验,用模糊综合评判法对复杂结构混凝土坝的原型结构性态进行了模糊可靠度分析,结论符合工程实际.
Abstract: On the basis of geological setting,burial characteristics and circumjacent environment of the graveyards of the Spring and Autumn Period,the Period of Warring States,Qin Dynasty and Han Dynasty in Hunan Province,the authors used such geophysical 文摘:根据湖南春秋战国—秦汉古墓葬地质条件、埋葬特征与周边环境,遵循准确、简便、快捷和经济的原则,选择并运用放射性氡测量、汞测量和探地雷达等方法,对湘西北某县AB战国楚墓群4个大中型古墓和长沙杨家山古墓开展物化探综合勘查试验,取得了古墓完整性勘查研究的初步成功。

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