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Abstract: Luxury consumption is always connected with motivation of flaunt.

Abstract: Liquid-phase chromatographic instruments and electric conductivity detectors produced by two factories were connected and adjusted for the purpose of their smooth operation.In addition,the optimum working conditions for detecting some inorganic 文摘:对来自2个厂家的液相色谱仪和电导检测器进行连接、调试,使其能正常运行,并确定检测饮水中某些无机阴离子的最佳工作条件。
Abstract: Literature is colsely related to language,cultural background,slang and writing,etc.Therefore,the positive role of literature in English teaching shouldn't be negelected.文摘:英美文学在语言、文化背景、俚语及写作等方面对提高学生英语水平都有较大帮助,因此不可忽视英美文学教育在英语教学中的积极作用。
Abstract: Liveness and safeness are important behavioral properties of nets (systems).Many powerful results have been derived for some subclasses of Place/Transition nets (systems).The aim of this paper is to draw a general perspective of the liveness and文摘:活性与安全性是网系统重要的行为性质.对于位置/变迁网系统的一些子类,人们已为之导出许多有意义的结果.该文贡献在于为一种称为加权扩充自由选择网的网系统子类找到活性与安全性的一般性质.文章先给出其活性等价条件的简要与直观的证明,随后,对于这一类安全的子系统又给出活性的充分必要条件.
Abstract: Loop shape in fabric are analysed in this paper and the equation about law between remnant curvature and yarn linear density,yarn mechanical properties and knitting elements dimensions is set up.Based on the theoretical analysis and experiments,文摘:分析了织物中线圈的形态,推导出了线圈残余曲率与纱线细度、纱线机械性能及成圈机件尺寸之间的关系式.在理论分析和实践的基础上讨论了线圈的残余曲率与织物外观形态和尺寸间的关系.
Abstract: Low temperature separation, uses the high energy from the wellstream to throttle and reduce pressure, then remove the condensate.文摘:低温分离,是利用地层本身能量节流降压制冷,用低温分离方法脱除天然气中凝液的处理工艺。
Abstract: Luxury consumption is always connected with motivation of flaunt.摘要:消费的奢侈性通常被认为与炫耀动机有关。
Abstract: Main aspects concerning the mechanical cold expander for straight weld pipes located at Zhujiang Steel Tube Co.,Ltd.,Panyu,Guangdong Province are described,including working principle,structural features and process operation sequence.Also descr文摘:简要介绍了广东番禺珠江钢管有限公司大口径直缝焊管生产用机械式冷扩径机的工作原理及结构特点、工艺运行程序,并对在研制过程中的几个具体问题阐述了自己的观点。
Abstract: Main economic characters, seed and stem yield, disease and insect resistance and adaptability of Nongdagaoyou 115 newly introduced have been, compared with main varieties extended in Fenggang-Jiaoshandanjiao and Nongda 108.文摘:对粒秆兼用型玉米农大高油115在凤冈县种植的主要经济性状、粒秆产量、抗病虫性、适应性等与凤冈县主推品种杂交玉米交三单交、农大108进行对比试验。
Abstract: Main specifications of Sinker G-type and the active thread carriage on the production and the product is analyzed.Conclusion is made that using this knitting accessories can not only improve production rate but also produce high quality product.文摘:主要论述了G型沉降片和积极式输线器的主要性能特征,分析了它们对针织生产及针织品性能的影响,说明采用这些针织器材,不但能够提高生产效率,而且能够生产高性能、高品质的针织品。
Abstract: Mainly reviewed distribution of organic nitrogen, early diagenesis (such as counteract-eutrophication, nitrification/ denitrification et al.), the controlling factors of nitrogen cycling; and the relationship between nitrogen and ecological syst文摘:主要阐述海洋沉积物中氮的存在形式与分布、氮的早期成岩和去营养化作用、硝化和反硝化作用以及氮与生物特定种群的关系等,探讨了影响海洋沉积物中的氮循环的主要因素,分析了海洋沉积物中的氮与生态系的关系,以期对研究氮的海洋生物地球化学过程有所帮助.
Abstract: Making a breakthrough at the limitation of small-taper workhead's in the WEDM, and using the complex operational function of the executive-code in the artcle, a new algorithm is designed in resolving the bigtaper problem of the 4-axis and taper 文摘:突破小锥度工作头的限制,利用执行代码较复杂的运算功能,设计了一种全新算法,有效地解决了大锥度的“四轴加工”和“锥度加工”的问题。

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