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Abstract: The efficacy of 1368 Streptomyces isolates for controlling cucumber seedling blight diseases caused by Phytophthora melons Kalsura were screened and evaluated in greenhouse.

Abstract: The effect of the pressure-reducing platform position on the stability of the retaining wall is discussed according to Coulomb's earth pressure theory.Pressure-reducing platform's reasonable position for the retaining wall's stability is (0.2~0. 文摘:根据库仑土压力理论,讨论了挡土墙减压平台高度改变时对墙体稳定性的影响.对挡土墙的稳定性来说,减压平台位置可在(0.2~0.4)H处.
Abstract: The effects of adding purifying agent during the process of water purification were studied.The best opportunity for applying purification agent to water during purification process was obtained. 文摘:对水质净化过程中投加净化剂的效果进行了研究,得出了在冬春低温低浊季节,水力循环澄清池-快滤池净化过程投加净化剂脱混的最佳选择。
Abstract: The effects of disseminations of earthquake prepare dness and disaster mitigation,and emergency dissemination measures are studied and compared;counter measures of emergency disseminations of earthquake preparedness and disaster mitigation are p 文摘:通过对江苏及其邻区10多年来发生的典型地震事件及地震谣传的社会反应和各地应急宣传方案的对比,研究防震减灾宣传的效果及应急宣传措施,提出防震减灾应急宣传的对策。
Abstract: The effects of terbium ion on the conformation of calmodulin and on the interaction between calmodulin and melittin have been studied by the endogenous fluorescent spectrometry of calmodulin and melittin,and the sensitized fluorescent spectromet 文摘:分别用钙调蛋白和蜂毒素的内源荧光光谱以及铽离子的敏化荧光光谱考察了铽离子对钙调蛋白构象变化以及对钙调蛋白与蜂毒素相互作用的影响.结果表明,铽离子首先结合在钙调蛋白的第Ⅰ和第Ⅱ位点,铽离子不影响钙调蛋白与蜂毒素的相互作用,蜂毒素与钙调蛋白作用后不影响铽离子在钙调蛋白上的键合顺序.傅里叶变换红外光谱结果表明三价的镧离子与钙调蛋白作用使钙调蛋白的α螺旋结构增加,β折叠结构减少,与钙离子对它的二级结构影响相类似.稀土离子在钙调蛋白-蜂毒素复合体系中主要与钙调蛋白作用.
Abstract: The effects of under-film drip irrigation operation parameters, such as discharge rate, water application per irrigation, on soil salt movement and distribution are investigated with a lab experiment. 文摘:针对新疆盐碱地的改良特征,通过室内膜下滴灌土壤盐分运移试验,初步研究了土壤脱盐过程,滴头流量、灌水量等对脱盐过程的影响。
Abstract: The efficacy of 1368 Streptomyces isolates for controlling cucumber seedling blight diseases caused by Phytophthora melons Kalsura were screened and evaluated in greenhouse. 文摘:应用防治黄瓜苗期疫病生物测定法对分离获得的1368个放线菌菌株进行初步筛选。
Abstract: The elemental principle and process of acid mine drainage containing sulfate which is treated by biological method are recommended in the paper.Carbon source of sulfate reduction bacteria,reactors and packed material of reactors are reviewed. 文摘:论述了微生物法处理含硫酸盐酸性矿山废水的基本原理和工艺过程,对硫酸盐还原菌利用的基质碳源、硫酸盐还原的反应器类型和反应器内载体介质类型进行了综述。
Abstract: The elementary principles and methods of carbon dioxide fixation by coordination and insertion reactions of transition metal complexes catalysis are reviewed. 文摘:综述了利用过渡金属配合物和二氧化碳的配位及插入反应实现二氧化碳固定的基本方法、原理及其研究现状。
Abstract: The empirical likelihood confidence intervals for quantiles are constructed under a φ-mixing sample,which are based on the result that the blockwise empirical likelihood ratio statistic asymptotically has the χ2(1) distribution. 文摘:在一定的条件下证明了φ-混合样本下分位数的分组经验似然比统计量的渐近分布为χ2(1),由此可构造分位数的经验似然置信区间.
Abstract: The equidistant profile keyless connection have been paid broad attention by sci entific and technical workers in the world for its virtues, such as higher trans mission torque,more convenient to assemble and disassemble, better capabil ity of c 文摘:等距型面无键联接以其传递扭矩大、拆装方便、对中性好等优点,日益得到国内外科技工作者的广泛关注。
Abstract: The equivalent step planar wave-guide method is proposed to studythe propagation properties and design of diffused planar wave-guide.The model was established,and a set of simulation has been done,and a series of relationship curves among the pa 文摘:本文引入一种研究扩散光波导传播特性及设计计算的新方法——等效阶跃平板波导方法.建立了扩散平板光波导的等效阶跃平板波导模型,进行了一系列的模拟计算,得出了一系列波导传播参量、结构参量与工艺参量之间的关系曲线.这些曲线对于扩散平板光波导的设计计算、工艺参量选择等具有重要指导意义.

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