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Abstract: The moisture content of stored grains is one of the most important indexes on the security of grain storage.

Abstract: The microcomputer control system of the industrial boiler is established so as to guarantee the normal work and economic burning o f the boiler.The control algorithm is introduced and the anti-interference meas ures are presented in the paper.文摘:以保证锅炉正常运行和经济燃烧为目标,建立工业锅炉微机控制系统,介绍了一种锅炉控制算法,提出了抗干扰的措施。
Abstract: The microstructure of as-cast high Cr injection micro-alloying martensitic cast iron and the substructure of martensite in it have been observed under SEM and TEM.The alloying element distribution related to phase formation,as well as the variou文摘:应用扫描电镜和透射电镜研究了喷射微合金化的铸态马氏体高铬铸铁显微组织及马氏体的亚结构,并借助X射线衍射与电子探针分析探讨了合金元素的分布与相形成的关系,以及碳化物的不同形式分枝与畸变。
Abstract: The mini-commerce featured with fine operation has developed in the limited space in Zurich, Davost and Berne, the three famous cities of Switzerland, consequently, the industries of banking, real estate manufacturing, tourism, etc. have been pr摘要:瑞士三个最著名的城市——苏黎士、达沃斯、伯尔尼在有限的空间内,发展出以精益经营为特色的袖珍商业格局,从而促进了货币银行业、房地产租赁业、钟表制造业、旅游开发业等产业的共同发展。
Abstract: The mixed salts of diethanolamine and sodium of lauramidoethylene sulfosuccinate is prepared to modify the products with the mixture of the diethanolamine and hydrogen sulfite of sodium as sulphonating agent.The transparency problem of the produ文摘:采用亚硫酸氢钠与二乙醇胺的混合物作磺化剂,对琥珀酸月桂酰胺基乙酯磺酸钠进行改性,制得了钠与二乙醇胺的混合盐,改善了产品的透明度.性能分析表明:改性前后其主要表面物理性能基本相当,且改性后该产品具有较强的抗盐能力,适用于含盐量较高的制品.
Abstract: The modern plastic surgery,accompanied with western medical science,was transmitted to our country by missionary since the opium war(1840).By looking into the medical journal,literature materials published before 1949,it may be confirmed that th文摘:鸦片战争开始后,现代整形外科随西洋医学的东渐由传教士传入我国,经查阅我国解放以前的医学期刊文献资料,可以确认我国整形外科最早出现于1934年,由倪葆春创建,并查得与整形外科有关的论文共只27篇,其所包含的内容基本可以反映该历史时期发展及其水平的概况,由此可认为在解放前这一学科尚处于萌芽阶段。
Abstract: The moisture content of stored grains is one of the most important indexes on the security of grain storage.文摘:储粮的含水量是粮食储备安全性的最主要质量指标。
Abstract: The molding method,process,and the equipment of thermoset runnerless injection molding have been discussed in this paper.文摘:论述了无流道热固性塑料注射成型的方法、工艺、设备和模具设计方面的问题。
Abstract: The molecular recognition of a new kind of threonine modified porphyrinatozinc (II)(host) to amino acid esters (guest) has been detected with UV-Vis absorption spectrum titration method.This porphyrinatozinc (II) forms 1:1 and 1:2 adducts with a文摘:用紫外可见吸收光谱滴定方法研究了一种新型的苏氨酸卟啉锌配合物(主体)对氨基酸酯(客体)的分子识别.这种锌卟啉可以与氨基酸酯形成1:1和1:2的两种加合物.氨基酸酯的氨基首先与氨基酸残基的羧基作用形成1:1的加合物,然后与锌卟啉的中央锌原子配位形成1:2的加合物,客体分子与主体分子上的氨基酸残基之间的排斥作用以及主客体之间的色散力作用是主体分子能识别客体分子的另外两种作用。
Abstract: The more detailed mathematial derivation and analysis of Watson transformation in diffraction theory of ground wave is made by two different method.In derivation necessary and approximate conditions requred to make the transformation are special文摘:采用两种不同的方法对地波绕射理论中的瓦特松变换问题做了较详细地数学推导,并着重讨论了做瓦特松变换的要求的必要条件与近似条件。
Abstract: The most important character of modern administrative management is that it is a legalized administration,which is necessary for China's current economy and politics and the development of society.It furthermore plays an important role in promot文摘:现代行政管理最重要的特征在于它是一种法制化的管理.行政管理法制化是当前我国经济、政治、社会发展的必然要求,是改革顺利进行的重要保障;行政管理法制化的基本要求是有法可依,有法必依,执法必严,违法必究.
Abstract: The most pollution sources in Hubei province alu minium electrolysis enterprises are the electrobaths in their electrolysis works hops.文摘:湖北铝电解企业的主要污染源是电解车间的电解槽。

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