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Abstract: To solve the matching problem about radar with optical image, a new method based on intensity-based correlation is presented.

Abstract: To reaserch socializing medical service in the army office.The article stated the necessity , feasibility and concrete measures for socializing medical service in the army office and the remote, small, and scattered army units.文摘:为探讨部队后勤保障社会化,为远离军队医院的人武部及小散单位实行医疗保障社会化的必要性、可行性及具体办法进行了阐述。
Abstract: To reduce power dissipation in maglev system and upgrade maglev quality, it is proposed that permanent magnet be adopted for suspension body in attractive maglev system.文摘:为降低悬浮系统的功耗,提高悬浮品质,建议在吸力型磁悬浮系统中采用永磁材料做悬挂体。
Abstract: To regular evaluating the regional sustainable development, an inventory of evaluative items and the operational method was studied.文摘:讨论了区域可持续发展评价工作的经常化问题,提出了一张通用的指导性评价指标清单及其使用方法。
Abstract: To set forth how to determine the cause of danger and distinguishing basis in production in the coal coking enterprise,then analyzes them,to apply the method of quantitative statistics analysis,classify the cause of danger into 3 ranks according文摘:通过对煤焦化生产企业中危险源(点)的确定和辨识依据进行阐述和分析,采用定量统计方法,并结合生产实际情况将所有危险源(点)分成三级(公司或厂级、车间或部门科室级、班组或岗位级)控制管理;从而实现贯彻企业安全管理工作“全员参与、全面管理”的方针,预防和避免各类事故的发生,使安全工作步入科学化、规范化轨道,为企业生产经营创造一个健康和稳定的环境。
Abstract: To settle the numbers of groups, the moth and features of group sampling are analysed, and its estimator is goven.Then using CauchySchwartz unequility, it seeks the best apportion with finite cost.文摘:为了确定分类抽样的各类单位数,分析了分类抽样的抽取方法和特点,同时给出其简单估计,然后利用柯西-施瓦茨不等式推导出在给定调查费用情况下的最优分配.
Abstract: To solve the matching problem about radar with optical image, a new method based on intensity-based correlation is presented.文摘:针对雷达与可见光图像匹配问题,提出了一种基于灰度相关的匹配算法。
Abstract: To specialize the experiments in analytic chemistry is to establish the training of students' practical technique and vocational ability as the key aim of the course of analytic chemical experiments, to combine the teaching of analytic chemical 摘要:分析化学实验专业化就是将学生实践技能、职业能力的培养作为分析化学实验课程的核心目标,将分析化学实验教学结合有关专业的特点,向专业课渗透,使分析化学的实验教学更密切地结合专业教学,更好地为专业教学服务。
Abstract: To specific application in this paper, a plan of the CAD/CAE design system that can reflect the reality of our country is put forward, and the specific design and application of the visualized information query model, the structured query model 文摘:结合具体应用,提出了符合国情的机床设计CAD/CAE信息集成系统方案,并分析讨论了组成系统的可视化查询模块、结构化查询模块和数据库模块的具体设计和应用。
Abstract: To study whether there is relationship between smoking and drinking and herniation of intervertebral disc, we investigated 214 patients who had been proved with herniation of intervertebral disk during 1986-1996.文摘:采用信访的方式调查214例腰椎间盘突出症患者起病前的吸烟及饮酒情况。
Abstract: To summarize the basic reason of energy conservation in metal mine ventilation.To describe the main technical measures in energy conservation in ventilation, which include optimization of ventilation network,renewing and reasonable disposing ven文摘:概述了金属矿山通风能耗高的根本原因,论述了金属矿山通风节能的技术途径,主要方法有优化通风网络、更新及合理配置通风动力设备和通风构筑物的合理设置及维护。
Abstract: Tobacco mosaic virus plays an very important role in the discovery of virus and several pioneers made contributions to the developmental process of virology, through which the brief history of discovery of virus can be traced.文摘:烟草花叶病病毒在病毒的发现中有着极其重要的地位,几位病毒学研究的先驱在这方面的研究有极大的贡献,以此为线索可以看到病毒被发现的简要历史。

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