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Based on analysis of chaos characteristic of sediment discharge time series, BP neural networks model based on chaos phase space is proposed to forecast the sediment discharge through embedding dimension.

Based on analyses of some concrete ci-poetry, it is concluded that the ci-poetry written by the geishas with lower literate level shows inspiration and expression from a vivid, colorful and natural life for lack of the influence and constraint from male w通过对具体词例的分析认为,第一类文化层次较低的歌伎所写之歌词,因其“男性书写”格式之习染与约束较少,表现为生动变化富于本真的生命之感发;第二类与文士往来的文化层次较高的歌伎之词,则因受到文士们“男性书写”方式的影响,表现出双性的美感。
Based on analysing all kinds of sediment silting basins and their suitable conditions, the traditional sedimentation basin has been improved in three aspects, i. e., setting an adjusting flow board in the fore of setting basin, adding a spillway trough al摘要在对各种类型沉沙池及适用条件进行分析的基础上,通过在沉沙池的首部加调流板、在溢流堰上沿水流方向设溢流槽、对冲沙廊道进行改进并设置辅助冲沙设施这3个方面对传统沉沙池进行了改进。
Based on analysing historical and field survey materials, this paper draws some conclusions about the land-use changes and the environmental effects of Suizhou city, Hubei Province.摘要通过分析历史方献资料和实地调查材料,总结了随州市土地利用变化及其环境效应,认爲:近50年来,随州市土地利用结构发生了显著变化,林地增加90%,耕地增加77.8%,草地面积减少98%。
Based on analysing land use change of Taipusi county in the farming-pasturing interlocked areas Inner Mongolia, the land resources use potential was forecasted, which will have the practical significance to the next land resource sustainable use.本文在对内蒙古农牧交错区太仆寺旗土地利用的变化分析的基础上,预测了土地资源利用的潜力,对今后的土地资源可持续利用具有现实意义。
Based on analysis for vacuum arc remelting process and according to actual melting condition, some partial strategies which is helpful for control of melting aim were presented, for example, arc length control, melting speed control, decouple control and 摘要通过对真空电弧重熔炉工艺过程的分析,根据冶炼实际情况,提出了一些有助于控制冶炼目标的局部策略,如弧长控制、熔速控制、解耦控制等。
Based on analysis of chaos characteristic of sediment discharge time series, BP neural networks model based on chaos phase space is proposed to forecast the sediment discharge through embedding dimension.在对输沙量时间序列混沌特性分析的基础上,利用嵌入相空间来确定前期影响因子,建立了基于混沌相空间技术的BP神经网络模型。
Based on analysis of development status of coal industry in Inner Mongolia, drawn lessons from practical experiences of popularizing the cleaner production of coal industry from domestic and abroad, guided by 3 R principle of circular economy, namely redu摘要本文在对内蒙古自治区煤炭行业发展现状分析的基础上,借鉴国内外煤炭行业及其企业推行清洁生产的实践经验,以循环经济3R原则,即减量化、再使用、资源化为指导,针对煤炭行业的污染特性,对适合本地区煤炭行业实施清洁生产的主要内容和相关技术进行了研究。
Based on analysis of development trends of technologies of natural gas chemistry abroad and its current status at home, the new processes of natural gas to synthesis gas, methanol to olefins(MTO process), synthetic liquid fuels and chemical utilization of摘要在分析当前国外天然气化工技术发展动向和国内现状的基础上,提出天然气制合成气新工艺、甲醇制低碳烯烃(MTO工艺)、合成液体燃料以及天然气凝液化工利用等课题是值得重视的技术开发方向;且在工艺开发的同时,必须充分重视新型设备的研制。
Based on analysis of functional advantage about electrical reading room of university library, some measures on further deepening reader service are given.摘要阐述高校图书馆电子阅览室的功能优势,提出进一步加强读者服务工作的策略。
Based on analysis of geological and developing factors affecting water cut of oil wells, model for predicting water cut in small layers of oil wells under different sandbody connecting relations between oil and water wells is set up by using numerical sim本文在对影响油井含水的地质及开发因素分析的基础上,用数值模拟方法建立了油水井间不同砂体连通关系下,油井小层含水率预测模型。
Based on analysis of geology and geomorphology of the region and study on structure and revolution of the two faults, a strain partition model is built to adjust the strike slipping and compressional deformation of the area.通过区域地质、地貌分析和二条断裂带的结构、活动历史的对比研究,建立了该区走滑和挤压活动的应变分配模型。

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