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Abstract: Through on-the-spot test and theoretical calculation, the re gular pattern that the used hot-blast parameters of the grain drier change with the variation of working conditions was revealed.

Abstract: Through cooperating with other industries, the European cruise corporations have used luxurious cruises as the linkage to bring in a new format of commerce——sightseeing business, which develops a golden tourist line and a new business channel on摘要:欧洲的邮轮航运公司进行不同产业形式的跨越合作,用豪华邮轮作为链接物,串联成北欧海上观光商业的新形式,开辟了一条海上黄金旅游航线和商业通道。
Abstract: Through copolycondensation method, a phenol-melamine-urea-formaldehyde resin was prepared. The discussion was concentrated on the preparation method of the resin and it's application condition in pressing exterior-type medium density fiberboard.文摘:通过共缩聚的方法,制备了具有良好的耐水性能和胶合性能的苯酚-三聚氰胺-尿素-甲醛树脂。着重讨论了该树脂的制备方法以及在压制室外型中密度纤维板中的应用情况。
Abstract: Through correction and analysis to errors existing in the college students' comp ositions,this paper strenthens students' attention on the basic use of English l anguage to improve their ability in writing.文摘:通过对大学生英语写作中的错误进行纠正和分析,以加强大学生的语言基本功,提高英语写作能力.
Abstract: Through deep vacuum distillation,the 90# high grade road asphalt meeting the standard of SINOPEC and the ESSO standard and the 70# high grade road asphalt meeting the standard of the Ministry of Communications and the national standard were dire文摘:大连西太平洋石油化工有限公司采用减压深拔技术,加工胶质、沥青质含量高的沙特阿拉伯中质原油,直接生产出符合中石化标准及埃索标准的90号等级道路沥青及符合交通部标准、国家标准的70号高等级道路沥青产品,为今后生产高等级道路沥青积累了有益的经验。
Abstract: Through extending the wear plate at the saddle and using the flexible saddle, the circumferential peak stress at the joint of the shell and the saddle can be decreased efficiently.文摘:本文介绍通过鞍座上垫板的伸出和采用柔性鞍座,即能有效地降低鞍座边角处的环向峰值应力。
Abstract: Through on-the-spot test and theoretical calculation, the re gular pattern that the used hot-blast parameters of the grain drier change with the variation of working conditions was revealed.文摘:经理论计算及现场试验,揭示了粮食干燥机废气参数随其工作条件的改变而发生的规律性变化。
Abstract: Through simulating model tests of shield tunnel passing through the Yellew River in the diversion project from south to north China,a systematic analysis on the primary factors affecting joint stiffness,including arrangement of joint bolt,thickn文摘:通过南水北调穿黄盾构隧道仿真模型试验,对影响接头刚度的主要因素即连接螺栓的布置、螺栓垫圈的厚度、管片与管片之间垫层材料的性能和厚度、连接螺栓的预紧力的大小及管片接头不同的受力状态进行了系统的分析,为盾构隧道管片设计提供了参考。
Abstract: Through statistical analysis of the rock mechanic properties of upper Jurassic and Cretaceous red mudstones, siltstones and sandstones in the middle Sichuan Red Basin, the range of their compressive strength, the features of the shearing strengt文摘:对川中白垩系、侏罗系的泥岩、砂岩、泥质粉砂岩的抗压强度进行统计分析,得出红层岩石作为地基时抗压强度的范围值供设计参考,对泥岩、砂岩的其他力学性质进行了评价。
Abstract: Through studies based on characteristics of“dynamic conductor”,this paper has formed a suite of “mise-a-la-masse”detection theories and techniques for underground dynamic conductor,and described the object of their application,the geoelectric mo文摘:根据“动态导体”的特点开展研究,形成了1套地下动态导体的充电法探测理论和方法,并就其应用对象和地电模型、技术基础、部分探测方法及其初步应用等方面进行了介绍。
Abstract: Through study on energy dissipation of Goupitang Project on the Wu-jiang River,the velocity field in the water cushion pool downstream ski-jump or drop was measured by hot-film anemometers on a fine model with scale 1∶380.文摘:结合乌江构皮滩水利枢纽工程消能问题研究,用热膜流速仪在比尺为1∶380的精细模型上量测了拱坝挑跌流在水垫塘内的流速场,并由试验成果分析了淹没射流在水垫塘内的消能过程,计算了消能率。
Abstract: Through the analysis of the development of Yunnan's basic education in the 9th Five-Year Plan period, and with the national background as a comparison, this essay approaches the developing ideas, and provides references for Yunnan's future devel文摘:通过对云南“九五”期间基础教育的发展分析,在全国背景下进行比较研究,探讨云南基础教育发展的脉络和趋势,对主要问题提出发展思路,为云南的今后发展提供参考。

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