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By reviewing relevant literatures, it is known that the design model is similar to the cantilever beam structure.

By reusing a single object instead of creating many, the program uses less memory and reduces garbage collection.通过重用单个对象而不是创建许多个,程序将使用更少的内存并减少垃圾回收的次数。
By revewing several examples occurring before the estabishment of Nanjing National Government and during the reign of it, the author became conscious of organizational network's different capacities of presiding social commonweal activies in different per通过南京国民政府以前及期间的几个事例,考虑不同时期组织型网络及其主持社会公益能力的不同情形。
By review of the journey for service trades in Shanghai and description of the features of development, the authors make an analysis of the situations such as increase value, increase value rate, internal structure change, labor productivity and FDI distr摘要通过回顾上海服务业的发展历程,可以看出上海服务业的现状特征,并从增加值与增加值率、内部结构变化、劳动生产率和FDI分布等方面对上海服务业各行业的情况进行分析。
By reviewing anatomical and biomechanical characteristics, we can understand how trapeziometacarpal joint works in opposition.本篇复习了有关这个关节解剖、力学的研究,以期了解它在对向动作中的运作。
By reviewing o kind of housing pattern in towns of Zhejiang Province, this paper presents the concept of residential building with built-in shop and expounds its characteristics and influence on the town planning as a kind of housing pattern some suggesti摘要该文通过对上世纪80年代在浙江城镇出现并盛行的一类居住模式的观察,提出商住一体居住建筑的概念,并且通过对它和其他几种城镇居住建筑类型的比较,讨论了这类居住建筑模式的特征和存在的问题,最后结合一个规划设计案例的讨论提出了相应的规划设计措施。
By reviewing relevant literatures, it is known that the design model is similar to the cantilever beam structure.中文摘要植牙术后的骨整合程度,关系到手术是否成功。
By reviewing the cooperative ties between Guangxi and the ASEAN countries in recent years as well as the past defects and mistakes in our attitudes and practices, this paper argues that the gradient differences and complementarities are necessary conditio摘要通过对广西近些年来与东盟各国合作关系的考察,反思在合作观念和合作实践方面存在的偏差和问题,认为梯度差异和互补性只是广西与东盟合作的必要条件而不是充分条件;经济合作只是广西与东盟合作的一个重要方面,还应该包括政治、社会、安全、体育、卫生等方面的合作;政企合作也只是广西与东盟合作的模式之一,还包括政府与政府、市场主体与市场主体、非营利组织与非营利组织等之间的合作。
By reviewing the main jurisprudent documents concerning Zhouyi in the 20(superscript th) century, this paper holds that our research on the legal culture conceived in Zhouyi are well under way and bringing fresh air and vitality to both jurisprudence and 本文回顾了20世纪有关《周易》的主要法律文献,认为我们对《周易》的法律文化的研究已渐入佳境,给法学研究和《周易》研究都带来了清新气息和勃勃生机。
By reviewing the philosophy and the practice of liberal arts education in the United States, this paper is aimed at applying some of the great concepts of liberal arts education and its successful practice to the ongoing systematic higher education reform在中国高等教育正在进行全面改革之时,了解这种以培养全面素养为手段,以帮助学生进行作为个体以及公民的自我实现为目的的教育哲学,可以为中国的高等教育改革提供新的思想与经验。
By reviewing the popular use of the term PK, this paper studied its origin from the perspective of linguistics and social linguistics, ie., the borrowing of loan words and the generalization of professional terms as well as the value of social culture beh摘要透过PK的流行风,从语言学、社会语言学角度探究其来龙去脉,即外来语的借用和专业术语的泛化,以及这种现象背后隐含的社会文化价值。
By reviewing the studies of the happiness index in the academic field home and abroad, this paper analyzes the value meaning of the happiness index first, and then works out the index system of the happiness index on this basis, and finally proposes how t本文通过对国内外学术界有关幸福指数研究的考察,分析了幸福指数的价值意义,在此基础上设计出了幸福指数的指标体系,并提出如何科学看待幸福指数。

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