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Abstract: Expound the component, the principle and the working process ofthe material attenuation measure device, give the attenuation coefficient calculation method.

Abstract: Estrogen receptor(ER) and Androgen receptor(AR) assays were performed with fluorescent histochemical method in 89 cases of bladder carcinoma.77 cases were followed up for at leazt six years.The tumor recurrence occurred in 32(41.56%).文摘:采用荧光组织化学法测定了89例膀胱移行细胞癌雌雄激素受体的表达,获长期随访的77例中有32例复发,复发率为41.56%。
Abstract: Events contributing to the establishment of statistics―the science of data―and its chemical branch are epitomized.As the new chemical branch named chemometrics or chemstatistics has been disputed in the circles of chemistry for a long time,reaso文摘:本文追溯了统计学发展、建立中的大事,陈述了它的定义及其化学分支发展、建立的梗概;鉴于化学界对该新兴化学分支学科的名称长期存在争议,提出了以化学统计学而不以化学计量学为该学科名称的理由,把化学统计学定义为一个研究有关数据的收集或产生、描述、分析、综合和解释,以获得新化学知识或信息的学科;阐明了许多公认属于统计学的方法,如显著性检验、方差分析、回归和相关,以及一些尚未认定属于统计学的方法,如模型建立、蒙特卡罗方法、傅立叶变换和人工神经网络,都含有统计学5个内涵中的一个或多个;探讨了化学统计学家成长的模式
Abstract: Evolving information filtering method presented in this paper describes user's information needs from multi-aspects simultaneously,and improves system filtering performance through a process like natural selection.Inspired by object-oriented pro文摘:进化式信息过滤方法从多个角度描述用户的信息需求,通过类似自然选择的过程,达到系统整体过滤性能的优化.同时还从面向对象程序设计语言的设计思想中获得启发,引入了继承、类树的概念,增加了过滤系统的易用性.这种方法可以缩短训练时间,提高过滤质量,同时减小过滤结果与训练次序的相关性.
Abstract: Experiments show that the cement road surfaces in cities are actually conductive.文摘:实验测定,混凝土路面实际上是导电的。
Abstract: Experiments were made on a ultrasonic machining tool with work-piece adhered to ultrasonic transducer head,to machine micro-holes on hard and brittle materials such as soda glass and Si,to study the effects of tool materials,work-piece materials文摘:通过以WEDG放电加工手段制作微细超声加工用工具,在采用工件加振方式的微细超声加工机上对碳酸玻璃、半导体硅等硬脆材料试件进行微孔加工的实验,来探讨在某一特定加工条件下工具材料、工件材料、工件的振幅、加工静载荷、磨料悬浮液浓度、工具长度及工件尺寸等重要因素对加工速度、工具损耗率的影响,为微细超声加工技术的实用化提供参考依据。
Abstract: Expound the component, the principle and the working process ofthe material attenuation measure device, give the attenuation coefficient calculation method.文摘:阐述了材料衰减测试系统的组成、原理及工作过程,给出了衰减系数的计算方法。
Abstract: Expounding detailed professional harm during shipbuilding and mending,putting forward the countermeasures to control these.文摘:详细论述了船舶建造过程中及修理过程中的职业危害,提出了控制这些危害的措施。
Abstract: Expounds two important problems which are that packaging has conformed to all prereguisites of a discipline and the packaging discipline has embodied every characteristics of a synthetical discipline in cross disciplinary groups.文摘:根据当代跨学科研究的基本理论和分析方法,阐述了关于包装已经符合一门学科的所有条件和包装学科已经体现交叉学科群中综合学科的各项特征的两个重大问题。
Abstract: Facing the fact that a lot of famous enterprises have taken the strategy of large scale expansion in the latest 10 years,according to our country's practical situation,this article mainly analyses the advantages in pursuance of the strategy of e文摘:文章针对十年来全球许多著名企业实施大规模的膨胀战略之现象,分析了膨胀战略追求的利益,并联系我国实际情况,探讨我国企业实施膨胀战略应注意的问题,以及如何为企业实施这一战略建立良好的外部环境。
Abstract: Factors influencing UASB start-up and attentions that should be payed were discussed in this paper in term of practices.Furthermore,some of effective ways of quickening the start-up were introduced.文摘:本文从实际应用的角度结合最新研究进展总结了影响UASB启动的诸因素及启动时应注意的问题,最后介绍了几种加快启动的最新措施。
Abstract: Factors that influence the delay precision of commerical delay detonator were introduced.The charging and pressing technique, variation and time variation law of the composition, the powder processing was discussed.文摘:介绍了工业延期雷管延期精度的影响因素,并对装配工艺中的装压药工艺方法、药剂变化原因、药剂时间变化规律和制药工艺控制进行了讨论。

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