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Based on the method of least squarest the datasheets and charts which were used in designing involute worm gearing were formulated, then designed the predigested computer aided design program.

Based on the mechanism of water inrust at karst collapse column,the factors which affect the rational size calculation of the coal column applied to prevent water inrush are analysed,and the formulas to determine the minimum size of the coal column are ob根据岩溶陷落柱突水的力学机理,分析了防突煤柱合理尺寸计算的影响因素;利用岩石强度理论得到了防突煤柱保持稳定所要求的最小尺寸计算公式。
Based on the meeting day, the location of the club, or a special event, attempt to group the clubs so that you are visiting neighboring clubs or conducting an intercity meeting on consecutive days.然后以会议的日期、扶轮社的所在地、或一个特别活动为基础,来将地区内的扶轮社分区,以便安排连续几天,访问同一分区内邻近的扶轮社或举办一次埠际会议。
Based on the melting experiments of PP powder in twin-screw extruder, the melting capacity of different screw-thread sets and the revolution of the screw was studied.摘要通过对PP粉料在双螺杆挤出机中的熔融实验,研究了不同螺纹组合和螺杆转速对物料的熔融能力。
Based on the mental space theory provided by Fauconnier, this paper is an exploration of the working mechanism of the generation and comprehension of oxymoron.本文试图从心理空间理论入手来探寻反比的生成及理解机制,旨在说明反比同隐喻一样在某种程度上的人类认知心理和体验的结果。
Based on the method of hierachical analysis, by use of the method of fuzzy evaluation, this paper synthetically takes the UAV's own system and various cases in battle into account, presents a complete evaluation indexes system of the UAV's operation effic摘要以层次分析法为基础,应用模糊评价的方法,综合考虑无人侦察机自身系统以及在作战运用中的多种情况,提出了完整的无人侦察机作战效能评估指标体系。
Based on the method of least squarest the datasheets and charts which were used in designing involute worm gearing were formulated, then designed the predigested computer aided design program.摘要运用最小二乘法对渐开线蜗杆传动设计计算的有关数表和线图进行了公式化处理,进而研制了这种传动的简化计算机辅助设计程序。
Based on the method of limitation analysis of soil plasticity, researching from the soil arching mechanism of soil-nailing retaining, the upper limit of the critical height of soil-nailing slopes and the minimum horizontal length from coping of the potent摘要基于土的塑性极限分析方法,以均质土坡为例,从土钉支护结构的准粘聚力理论出发,综合考虑土体自重、坡顶的条形荷载,以及土钉与土体的相互作用的机理,推导出了土钉支护的临界高度的上限值和潜在螺旋曲线滑动面在坡顶方向距基坑边沿的最小水平距离解析表达式,可供基抗支护设计参考。
Based on the minimum potential energy principal, the influences of three loads, which are concentrated force, trapezoidal load and sinusoid load, over shear lag of cantilever single-box-single-cell box girder are deducted and discussed, and a conclusion i以最小势能原理为基础,推导并讨论了3种形式的荷载:集中力、梯形荷载、正弦形荷载对悬臂单箱单室箱形梁剪力滞的影响,得出考虑剪力滞效应后弯曲法向应力有较大变化的结论,对设计人员确定截面尺寸、截面配筋具有一定的指导意义。
Based on the misconstruction and inconsistent definition existed in the literature toward Taiwan-China economic interaction, and on the low external validaty when western-based theory explains the Taiwanese-Chinese cases, this study attempts to build a va摘要有鑑于文献对两岸经贸互动模式的缺乏建构与定义的不一致,以及欧美文献在解释上的外部效度问题,本研究在回顾中外相关文献后,尝试建构一套两岸产业互动的模式,并以邮寄式问卷调查以实证之。
Based on the mission of quality First, credit First &Consumerism, we set up a good image and record in old and new customers.公司本着“质量第一、信誉第一、用户至上”的原则,已在新老客户中树立了良好的企业形象和信誉。
Based on the modal analysis data of the displacement of the spatial grid structure getting by the structural finite element analysis software ANSYS, the modal analysis technology of the axial member straining rate is used to identify the damage of the spa文中通过结构有限元分析软件ANSYS得到网架结构位移模态分析数据,采用杆件轴向应变变化率的模态分析技术针对不同损伤状况的钢结构网架进行损伤识别,能够较为准确地诊断出网架杆件的损伤位置。

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