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Taking the aqueous sandy soil in hot summer and warm winter area as a heat transfer medium, studies the influence of seepage on heat transfer characteristics of the soil by a simulating experiment.

Taking the Qian Xue-sen's system of modern science and technology as background, this paper has expounded the meaning, way of and difficulty with the founding of systematology, looked back three stages of Qian Xuesen's systematology founding, investigated摘要以钱学森的现代科学技术体系为大背景阐述建立系统学的意义、途径和难度,回顾了钱学森创建系统学的三个阶段,考察系统学的现状、问题及其成因,对学界某些歧见给出笔者的看法提出系统学的发展应该进一步消化非线性动力学、自组织理论、CAS理论等,并对其成果作创造性的转换,以描述系统的整体涌现性为总目标,重在揭示开放复杂巨系统的内在机制和规律。
Taking the amount of time into account, a soft-sleeper train ticket is not that much cheaper than a flight.要把时间花费因素考虑在内的话,火车的软卧票与坐飞机的费用相比就便宜不了那么多了。
Taking the annual financial data from a medical institution affiliated to a provice as the researching object,the authors of the article analyze total income,medical income and expenditure and internal constitutional indexes,and study the overall and inte选取某省省直医疗机构年度财务决算数据作为研究对象,分析总收入以及医疗和药品的收入、支出及内部构成指标,研究其总体和内部构成的变化,应用经济学方法研究医药收入比例变化对医院经营产生的影响。
Taking the annurlar furnace of steel tube for the research object, a mathematical model for the rotary furnace of steel tube has been set up, which has been calculated numerically and the same time a computer simulating system has been developed.摘要以某公司环形加热炉为研究对象,建立了管坯加热过程二维传热数学模型,并进行了数值解析。
Taking the approach of systematic theory, the article defined and analyzed the concept and characters of the enterprise competitive capability, constructed the mathematical functions and a comprehensive set of indicators, as well as a mathematical model.本文基于系统理论的观点,对企业竞争力的概念及其特征进行了界定和分析,构建了企业竞争力的函数关系式,建立了企业竞争力综合评价指标体系和数学模型。
Taking the aqueous sandy soil in hot summer and warm winter area as a heat transfer medium, studies the influence of seepage on heat transfer characteristics of the soil by a simulating experiment.摘要以夏热冬暖地区富水土壤砂质土为传热介质,进行了水渗流对其传热特性影响的实验模拟研究。
Taking the basic thought of carrying through the antagonistic matches to test the volleyball majors' techniques as the start-point of the research, the author designed the technical examination evaluation model of using 4-people simulation match, which wa摘要以体育院系排球专选学生的技术考核在对抗与比赛条件下进行的基本思路为研究的逻辑起点,设计了由评价内容、评价形式和评价标准3个环节构成的对排球专修学生技术及其运用能力进行考核的“四人模拟比赛法”技术考核评价模型。
Taking the blind man by the hand, He brought him out of the village; and after spitting on his eyes and laying His hands on him, He asked him, Do you see anything?可8:23耶稣拉著瞎子的手、领他到村外.就吐唾沫在他眼睛上、按手在他身上、问他说、你看见甚麽了。
Taking the brown alumina powder and French chalk as the refractory, the silicasol and dextrin as the composite binder, the western bentonite and sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) as the composite suspension agent, the optimum mixing ratio of the water-摘要选用棕刚玉粉及滑石粉为耐火填料,以硅溶胶及糊精为复合粘结剂,以钠基膨润土和羧甲基纤维素钠(CMC)为复合悬浮剂,通过正交试验方法确定了最佳配方。
Taking the carton manufacturing industry as an example, based on the development of production scheduling and its present status of application home and abroad, we attempt to make some research on the characteristics in the production process of mixture i本文在总结和分析国内外生产作业计划的发展和应用现状的基础上,以纸箱生产行业为例,研究了混合型企业生产流程的特点,生产作业计划的特点、研究现状与体系结构。
Taking the child by the hand, He said to her, Talitha kum!(which translated means, Little girl, I say to you, get up!).可5:41就拉著孩子的手、对他说、大利大吉米.繙出来、就是说、闰女、我吩咐你起来。

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